London is calling, and your time is ripe for travel. Do you need to know more than the language they speak? Yes, you do. You need to master your whereabouts if you rely of London escorts to get around the city. With numerous map applications available, people tend to relegate the need for guidebooks only to realize the essence when it is too late.

With a clear plan on your journey and all the visiting sites, you need to know what it feels to drive in the vast city. A driving license is a vital document but not sufficient to keep you on the right side of the law. Travelers from Commonwealth nations might find huge similarities in the traffic rules, in the country. Nevertheless, their significant variations they need to know before hitting the road to the central part of the city, which include:

Driving on the left

If you did not bring your car to the city, the chances are that you will get a car from numerous models available in the escort service providers. The first thing you will see is that the car is made to drive on the left side, which contrasts most parts of the world. If you get an automatic transmission car, you will not need to shift gears on the road. For manual transmission cars or vans, you will have to use the left hand to shift gears, as opposed to the right side.

Fuel options

Other than for the transmission, a vast majority of the UK cars run on unleaded petrol. Most filling stations provide unleaded gasoline, ordinary and premium, which are not referred to as gas. On the contrary, most of the car models on rental yards run on diesel, but not petrol, hence the need to clarify before takeoff. Do not allow a diesel engine to run dry, as it causes permanent damage to the entire compartment.

The state of the tires

Like many places in the world, the traffic rules require you to have your tires in good condition. In the UK, the state of the tires is the responsibility of the driver, rather than that of the rental company. Nevertheless, the leading rental companies check the tires regularly, but it does not harm to check the tires before hiring.

Keeping on the right side

Driving in a new country can be a daunting task, and can even get worse when you fall into the wrong side. It takes a ballsy attitude, confidence and great sense of direction to avoid being the bus fodder on the road. Prevent the bus lanes on weekdays, obstructing junctions, stopping in the yellow box and breaking down on the top of clear signs.