When you are planning your travel to the UK, you look forward to moving around the country at your pace. London escort service helps you move on the quiet country roads as you visit the quaint villages that you could have seen in the brochures. Nevertheless, you want to spend the first few days watching the glittering City lights as you indulge in the big city treats. Without a personal car, you might find it hard to coordinate the movements hence miss some of the important sites.

Rental car companies in London give you the convenience and the means to move in a relatively new traffic setting. While you can use the online maps to cruise the city, you need to learn the dynamics that could affect your movements. Before you get off the airport, beware of the following:

The traffic in the city

Like other parts of Europe, you are likely to spend a chunk of your time on the road during the day, then in the evening hours. If you have strict appointments, you had better factor the delays that could come because of the traffic in the city. Most streets allow up to 4 miles per hour, which often slows down at certain times of the day.

When you are moving around the city, you may consider moving around when most people are out of the road, and in some instances, drive at night. You may not have the luxury to wait until the congestion reduces to do your errands.

Limited parking near the main attraction sites

If yours is a tourist excursion, you need car models that can endure the vast distances and the rough terrain in some of the sites. A rental car is meant to give you convenience but in some instances, might be denied due to limited parking. In such cases, you may have to do with long walks to access the site. If you are lucky to find one in the city, you have to part with £4 to £8 per hour, which might take a toll on your budget. In addition, you might benefit of the few parking slots near the attraction sites and those in the residential areas.

You will pay more to drive in the city

Other than the high charge of airport pickups, you will have to bear with a congestion fee of £12 per day, if you enter central London. The charge stands regardless of the car models, or the number of hours you spend in a day. If you have no business with the central part of the city, you may opt to pick the car at the downtown and save in the pickup charges and the fees.