Anyone who has rented a car may have had to deal with exorbitant rental fees and at worst finding no cars on arrival. The anger that rages when a rental agent gives you limited choices or no choice at all is unbearable. You could still face the challenges even after making reservations with the London escort service providers. While you think the contract spells out all the details, some information remain anonymous, making it hard to make informed decisions. Most agencies will not tell you the following:

The prepaid gas plan is a rip-off

In a bid to avoid the refueling costs, most people fall for the prepaid gasoline option, which allows them to return the car without refueling. It seems to work well when you want to avoid delays in the port as opposed to the cost of refueling. If you bring the car empty, it might be worth, since the rental companies will not refund you for the unused gas.

In addition, the fuel rates provided at the counter are higher than at the gas stations, which add to the rip-off. Before you make the pay, be sure to check the national prices as you could be losing money two fold. Most agents will vouch for the prepaid program but will not disclose the cost implication.

Off-airport rentals are affordable

The purpose of the travel is likely to dictate the car models for escorting in London. The rates vary with the brand, the capacity and the distance of operation, hence the need to factor all the aspects of your selection. As the prices continue to rise, you can get cheap rates and make tremendous savings on your stay. The challenge is finding the competitive rates, as most firms will not exhibit them on the counter. You can save money by renting off the airports, and incur no charge on returning the car to the airport.

You do not need extra insurance cover

On your first encounter, the counter person is likely to push for an additional insurance cover. If you are using a credit card to settle the bill, you do not need an extra cover from the rental company. The agent behind the counter will not disclose the options available at hand, and most will even claim ignorance on what the credit cards cover. You are on your own, hence the need to contact your credit card provider for clarifications.

They can deny you the car

If you have a tainted driving record, you stand at risk of losing the best car model. The majority of the rental companies conduct a background search to ascertain the record, before approving your reservation. If it falls below the requirements, they will deny you the service. While they are right to do so, they will do it at the counter, leaving you little or no time to plan for your movements.